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Spoopy Squash

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Comfy Clothes For All Your Adventures

We make environmentally conscious clothing for people who love to play - outdoors or indoors. Boast your swag, whether you're getting your boots muddied or exploring fantastical worlds from your couch. So you can geek out, guilt-free.

Eden Reforestation Projects


Our path to environmentally friendly clothing

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Spoopy SquashSpoopy Squash - Unisex T-ShirtSpoopy Squash - Lightweight T-ShirtSpoopy Squash - Women T-ShirtSpoopy Squash - Kids T-Shirt

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Spoopy Squash

Boo00oo0oo! These witchy lil’ pumpkins sure are spoopy… Get them on your favourite apparel for those cosy autumn vibes.

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GhostwriterGhostwriter - Unisex T-ShirtGhostwriter - Lightweight T-ShirtGhostwriter - Women T-ShirtGhostwriter - Spring/Fall Hoodie

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Don't you just love to snuggle up on the couch with a good book? Even writing your own? Or... someone else's! We see you, ghostwriters, creating magic behind the scenes. With this design you can let your imagination run wild. Happy reading!

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Save the WaveSave the Wave - Unisex T-ShirtSave the Wave - Lightweight T-ShirtSave the Wave - Women T-ShirtSave the Wave - Kids T-Shirt

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Save the Wave

The seas help regulate our environment and are home to some of the world's most majestic wildlife (and our overlord Cthulhu). With each sale, our partner Verdn cleans up ocean-bound plastics in Africa and Asia. So buy an item, save a mermaid! Wear it proudly to remind yourself and others to love your oceans and ditch those single-use plastics.

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Geeks with a passion for the Outdoors

Hi! We're Yavanna and Robin, the creators behind Geek & Green. We're geeks, gamers, hikers and nature lovers.

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