Adding Impact To Your Orders By Planting Trees ūüĆ≥

Adding Impact To Your Orders By Planting Trees ūüĆ≥

We're excited to announce our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects and Verdn! This partnership allows us to add impact to all of the products that are sold on our shop. From now on for each product you order, Eden Reforestation Projects plants Mangrove trees in Africa. We automatically donate part of our profits to this NGO thanks to our partner Verdn.

It doesn't just stop there! Thanks to Verdn, you can also track the impact of your order. After ordering you'll get an email with a link to a dashboard where you can get information about the trees that will be planted thanks to you.

Verdn Dashboard

You can even see a timeline on what's happening with the project you're supporting with your order. It's really detailed and we're super excited to be able to add this to our shop.

Verdn Timeline

The amount of trees planted depends on the product, because some products simply have lower profit margins than others. Here's a summary of how many trees are planted:

  • Bags: 1 tree planted
  • Kids T-Shirts: 2 trees planted
  • Adult Shirts: 5 trees planted
  • Sweaters & Hoodies: 10 trees planted

But what about the orders during the launch week? Well, we've retroactively made donations to Eden Reforestation Projects based on all of our orders. So all of you who already ordered also made an impact by planting trees! ūüíö¬† We sadly can't make a personal dashboard for you, but for the next order you'll get¬†a¬†dashboard to track your impact.

Yavanna will soon write a blog post to dive a bit deeper into what Eden Reforestation Projects does, the importance of Mangrove trees and more. So stay tuned for that by signing up for the newsletter in the footer below!

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