Hello World! Your Green Option for Geeky Apparel Just Arrived.

Hello World! Your Green Option for Geeky Apparel Just Arrived.

Hi there! Yavanna and Robin from Geek and Green here. Welcome, you, to our first blog and our new website. We're excited to meet you!

This website has been a couple of months in the making. Even though we use Print On Demand for our products (meaning we have no stock) we didn't want to just 'wing' it. A ton of research and preparation has gone into this shop. We've taken care to make the artworks, find the right suppliers, test the products, and build this website. Now that it's finally ready and live, we hope you find something that you enjoy here.

Why We Started Geek & Green - About New-Gen Subcultures And Generation Green

Why did we start Geek & Green? To keep it simple: because we wanted to wear clothing with geeky designs for people who are also outdoorsy and eco-conscious. To put it a bit more complicated: because we wanted to share the mishmash of Geek Subcultures with Generation Green that is our lifestyle. Enjoying video games, sci-fi, fantasy and board games doesn't mean we're indoor cats. Matter of fact, nowadays the stereotype of the pasty nerd living in their parents' basement doesn't reflect the majority of geeks anymore. 

Geek culture has become, at least somewhat, mainstream with the coming of the LOTR movies, Marvel and games like Fortnite. Even our non-geeky friends nowadays have played Cards Against Humanity. The hardcore nerds who are super into computer coding and Battlestar Galactica: The Boardgame have a cool factor that they didn't have years ago. They're smart, successful and funny.

Sporty geeks are also more common. Most sports are just games in the physical world (the rules of soccer/football have my head reeling) - and some video games are based on physical sports (like NBA Live and FIFA). 

"Playfulness has no age restriction. It's your authentic, pure, raw and genetically inherited super power. It's there, waiting for you to tap into. So, let's embrace it!"
- Robin

The climbing and hiking communities have tons of people who are very much into board games. Yavanna, speaking from personal experience: 

"We always brought some small sets of card games on our longer hiking trips. Three weeks of hiking in the South of France? Every night after our dehydrated dinner, we'd set up a game and play until sunset."
- Yavanna

The same goes for sustainability - if you're a nerd and you're into science, chances are you are at least somewhat knowledgeable about global warming. Millennials and Gen Z are demonstrating more environmental concerns and eco-conscious behaviours than any other generation. These are the very same generations that grew up in the Golden Age of animation, the rise of console games, and the shift towards mainstreaming fantasy and sci-fi. With the rise of the fossil-free, the waste-free and the tiny house movement, a new sort of geek has been born: one that is obsessed with maximizing a sustainable lifestyle and minimizing their footprint.

These subcultures don't always overlap and we're aware that some of our visitors may fit more into one than the other. We want to start acknowledging and creating fun things for the people that are some of these things, or all of these things, because there simply isn't much out there for us right now. 

"In the past years I've always been looking for geeky clothing that I don't feel so guilty about. I'm really eco-conscious and a lot of the nerdy shirts out there just don't meet my standards. Which is all fine and I don't want to guilt people out of buying them! I just wish there was an alternative out there. Because I'm a hobby artist, making our own designs that we could sell as an alternative was the next logical thing to do. That way, at least we can make the stuff that WE want to wear (and I don't have to feel guilty about buying them)."
- Yavanna

So now you know where we come from, maybe you have some questions. We have a ton of info on our About us, Sustainability and FAQ page, but here's the rundown of what you need to know today!

Wait - who are 'we'? The Founding Couple Behind Geek & Green.

We're two geeks from The Netherlands called Robin and Yavanna. We both have full time jobs. Robin builds websites and runs a playground for adults in Amsterdam. Yavanna runs a games company and is a freelance communications advisor for sustainability companies. At Geek & Green, Yavanna makes the designs and content and Robin does everything else. Visit our About us page for more information about... us!

What's this website all about?

This website offers you geeky designs on durable, organic shirts, sweaters and hoodies, that are sent to you without using plastics, with fair working conditions in the supply chain. Besides, we try to be as transparent as possible about quality, fit, and other things that you REALLY want to know when you buy something online. Like: is this shirt see-through in white? How does it fit on a normal non-model human body? How does it deal with sweat? (Again, we're hikers) We focus on themes that interest us: Gaming, Hiking and Gardening. Soon we'll also launch the category Climbing.

Can't you just draw Zelda designs? About Intellectual Property and Fair Use.

No, that is illegal. It's an Intellectual Property issue - you can't just draw Link and sell that on a shirt. Even if you've drawn it yourself and changed it up a bit (IP is complicated). So we decided to make designs that pay homage to our favourite things without being IP sensitive. That way we can wear them anywhere and fellow geeks will recognise it, but your mom will still think it looks nice.

What's up, pussycat? What to Expect From Our Website.

So what can you expect from our website? We'll update a limited edition design every season and other new base designs throughout the year. We've got to be honest about our blog though: with both of us working full-time we cannot commit to a blog schedule. When we do post though, it'll mostly be about our Gardening activities or Hiking trips. We occasionally make videos and will add them here and in the future we hope to build some courses (about coding and gardening).

Do you have an awesome idea for a topic, or something you're just dyyying to know, tell us in the comments, use our contact page or contact us through our Instagram. If we're equally interested and we have the time for it, you may see your topic here on our blog!

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