Our path to Sustainability

What we do for our environment

We love hiking, adventuring, and relaxing in the great outdoors. Unfortunately as consumers our impact harms the nature we love. For this reason we've taken special care to partner with suppliers who share our values. Moreover, we researched the best ways to have the least impact as a company. So we can enjoy the wild for longer.

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Small steps to a better Planet

We believe consuming fewer products is one of the ways to decrease your impact on the environment. Maybe you've noticed we're being brutally honest about the up ánd downsides of our products. We do this to diminish the amount of returns and make sure you know what you get. Or as Yavanna says: 'When I order a shirt online, I want to know whether people can see my bra through the fabric, OK?'

What can you do? Make sure you order something you love and know you will wear for a long time - because our products are meant to last. ❤️

We try our best to decrease our impact on the environment. But if you have ideas on how we can do better, please contact us through our Contact page!